How To: Get The “Ink”

Posted on February 19, 2010


Came across this blog post yesterday from Aliza Sherman on Web Worker Daily.  The post titled, “Does Blogger Outreach Still Work,” is really good, and I recommend you read the whole post to get a sense of where blogger relations stand right now, but there is one quote from Aliza in the story that really stood out for me:

” I can say that the PR people who politely but regularly nudge me several times to gauge my interest in their pitch have gotten a lot farther with me than the ones who threw a pitch at me like spaghetti to a wall. Kindness and consideration along with persistence wins the ink.”

This is what I practice, and preach.  Polite persistence is how I like to phrase it.  I actually had a Forbes reporter tell me that one time.  “You were VERY persistent, politely persistent, but VERY persistent.”  

You are not going to land a big fish the first time you cast your line out into the deep water.  The most important stories and best relationships take time. So be persistent, but be polite.  Mind your manners, and be a good human.


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